What this is about…

So just what is this Just Learnin’ and Livin’ blog all about? Well, you’ll be finding out with me! In the past, my blog has been about things I’ve been doing, random thoughts I’ve had and just well, randomness. I’ve imported my old blog (rachelvp.wordpress.com) into this one, so anything before August 20, 2009 contains the randomness I just discussed.

What’s different about this one? I don’t know yet. But here’s what I’m hoping it is …

  • a place to find beautiful things–I’m trying to fill my life with beautiful things, whether these are tangible things or intangible, life is too short to have un-beautiful things in life. 
  • a place to learn something new–it may be a factoid, a story or well, who knows.
  • a place to realize that I’m still kicking and screaming and well … living. 

I don’t know yet what this will be exactly. But I hope you’re along for the ride. I’ll try to make it as fun for you as it is for me. After all, what are we if we’re not Just Learnin’ and Livin’?

Oh, and this is me:



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