No. I take that back. I love Easter.

I go into Easter knowing its importance, but every year kind of forgetting just how important it is. I mean really, the Christian faith hinges on the fact that Christ rose from the dead! Hello! That’s huge!

As I think over this weekend (and literally as I’m typing this out, this is all coming to me), I’m realizing that God had a hand in it.

Here’s the deal. My plan for today (Easter Sunday) was to begin with meeting a friend or two for a 30-mile bike ride. Then, hoping that finished around noon, I was going to go home, take a shower, go to my other friends house, have lunch with them then go to the 4pm or 6pm Easter service at church (there were nine service times to choose from). It was going to be busy, but I could fit it in. Deep down, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to church in the morning. For some reason, I feel like Easter service needs to be held in the morning.

Well, that changed yesterday. You see, yesterday morning, around 9am, I got in a bike crash. It wasn’t too big of a deal, but I ended up going over the handle bars and landing pretty hard on the asphalt. Praise the Lord I was just a bit shook up but my bike was fine, and I was able to take a few deep breaths and realize that nothing was broken, and walked away (well, rode away actually) with just a bit of a sore hip (after I went over the handle bars, I landed on my right hip). But again, it wasn’t too big of a deal. I got up and finished the 55-mile ride.

It wasn’t until later last night that I noticed my neck was a bit sore. Then I woke up this morning and my whole body was sore. My stomach, my arms, my legs, my chest, and especially my neck. (I think my head hit the pavement; I remember hearing my helmet hit.) There was no way I was going to be riding another 30 miles this morning. So I texted my friend, canceled the ride, then texted another friend to see what service she was going to.

I guess this whole story is to say that I am praising God that I got in my little bike scuffle yesterday. If I hadn’t, my Easter would have been completely different. It would have a chaotic day of running around from place to place, not truly appreciating any of it.

But instead it was perfect.

I was able to sleep in (something I hadn’t done in a while) and finish my book (see here). As I went to “the coffee tent” at church before the service, I ran into a friend of mine who is getting married in two months. I met her fiancee and was so pleased to have met him. (Their story is one of prayerfully waiting, meeting, pursuing, and following the way of the Lord through it all … and she is such beautiful woman of God that it’s so encouraging to be around her, and from the looks of it, she found a male version of herself, so know they are going to do great things for the Kingdom through their marriage.)

For church, I was able to sit with four of my favorite people in Seattle. And in that moment, I realized that I didn’t want to be anywhere else. As we were singing praises to our Risen King (including Christ the Lord has Risen Today with the organ!!), once again, I realized why I love Easter and a twinge of pain that so many people think this holiday is about spring, and eggs, and candy, and chicks. They have a general idea that its different for Christians, but only vaguely.

What a beautiful Gift we have been given and standing in church this morning singing In Christ Alone (can anyone get through that song without crying?!? I definitely can’t.), I wanted to scream from the rooftops — Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed!!

My afternoon ended with brunch (ymmm…. baked French toast), laughing (even though it hurts to laugh!), napping, relaxing and having this song on repeat:

(By the way, when I tested this link, it didn’t want to play in WordPress. But it’s worth the extra click through to YouTube!)

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter. And I hope you didn’t have to land on some asphalt to figure out you need to enjoy the day.