Take a look!!

Just Kidding! My apartment is FAR from done. Believe me, this is not the floor plan I had in mind.

In fact it’s getting a new coat of paint on Thursday! Yay! Of course this is not ideal timing (not sure what would be ideal timing), but the manager of my building is doing it for me, so I really can’t complain. I didn’t realize how much stuff I had until it all had to fit into a puzzle in the middle of my apartment. Let me tell you, that armoire thing (with the TV on it) was a pain in the ass to move and I am already dreading that fact that I have to move it back into position in two days.

As you could probably tell, my Apartment Therapy Cure has been on hold for the last few weeks — starting a new job took top priority last week. But once the paint is up and dry, I’ll start it up again.

Stay tuned!!