Happy New Year! I hope you all rang in the New Year with a bang and that 2011 is off to a good start for you. I personally am excited for 2011; I’m hopeful. Hopeful for what, I’m not sure. I’ll just have to find out as the year passes.

I am starting this year with a bang by going through a process. The process of a Home Cure. I have been a follower of ApartmentTherapy.com for some time (be sure to visit–although, enter with caution, it tends to suck your time and the House Tours will make you drool), but I didn’t know anything about the 8-step home cure until I came across the 20/20 home cure on the blog. I watched all the posts, but didn’t partake due to various reasons. So, for Christmas, I put this book on my list and my mom was nice enough to give it to me.

This book/cure couldn’t come at a better time. My apartment and I have been having issues. I live in a small studio apartment in the Roosevelt/Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. I like my apartment but for the last several months, it’s been getting to me. It’s feeling cramped, unorganized, lacking any sort of style or “togetherness.” Enter Apartment Therapy.

I began reading it yesterday and already am raring to go and get this home cure started! The cure takes eight weeks and here’s  how the weeks play out:

Week One–Whole Apartment: clean, list repairs
Week Two–Kitchen: clean, declutter, cook
Week Three–Front Hall: clean, declutter, plan a Landing Strip
Week Four–Living Room: clean, declutter, arrange color
Week Five–Office: clean, declutter, organize office
Week Six–Bathroom: clean, declutter, arrange light
Week Seven–Bedroom: clean, declutter, arrange art
Week Eight–Whole Apartmant: get ready for a housewarming

Now, I may do a little rearranging of the weeks since my studio is essentially my living room, bedroom, and office all in one room, but I’ll make it work.

So, I’ve begun Week One:

1. Make a complete list of repairs and solutions. (Check–and I’ve already emailed my landlord for some things he needs to look at, so that’s a double check!)
2. Vacuum and mop the floors. (Check)
3. Remove one item from your apartment and put it outside. (Half check–I am getting rid of a shelf and giving it to a friend, I just have to put it in my car and drive it over to her place.)
4. Buy fresh flowers.
5. Sit for ten minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in.
6. Look into earth-friendly cleaning products. (Check–I’ve been using “clean” products for a while.)

So, I’m halfway there! Just a few more things to cross off my list and I’m good for the week.

Now, as I begin this journey of actually liking where I live and feeling a calm and a homeyness that has been lacking for some time, I thought I would share with you where I am starting from, and throughout this process updating you on the progress.

Here we go:
(Please don’t judge me — I hate the state of my apartment right now and hopefully at the end I will love it and get rid of some of the extras that I know I need to get rid of!)

Click the image to enlarge.

The entry way:

The bathroom:

The main living area:

The “office”:
(The desk is not finished — that is definitely on my list for the next eight weeks!)

The dining area:

The kitchen:

The night stand:

Okay, that does it. I just realized I don’t have a picture of my bed, but I will take one before I change anything about it.

I have always been hesitant to do any sort of decorating in the apartments I’ve lived in because I never knew how long I’d be in any particular place. But since I’ve been here for more than a year and it still doesn’t feel done, I’m ready to admit that I’ll hopefully be here for a while. And even if I move in the next six months, I should at least feel at home while I’m here.

I’m excited for the journey! 🙂 I will keep you up-to-date on the developments!

Oh, and I already made one change that I love!

Here’s the before:

And one small (but big) change:
(sorry the color’s a little weird)

I think the picture frames look cleaner and less cluttered than the board full of miscellaneous items. Hopefully this is just the start of a love affair with my apartment! 🙂