Today is my last day at MGF. On Monday, I will officially be unemployed, and I’m okay with that. For those of you who drop in here every once in a while, in case you didn’t know, I haven’t been a fan of my job for a while, so this is a good thing. They are moving my whole department down to California, so I was officially laid off a few weeks ago and today is my last day after four years at MGF.

And apparently, it couldn’t be a better time, because my email has decided to display certain emails like this:

I think my computer is, in its own way, asking me to take it with me. Oh how I wish I could, I love my work computer and I have to come to terms with the fact that at my next job I most likely won’t have one as wonderful as this one. My computer is realizing this and is begging me to just steal it away. I’m afraid though that they may catch on when I try to sneak this puppy out of the office under my shirt.

Goodbye work computer. I will now take off the notes that I have attached to you:

“The Enforcer” was a nickname I got somewhere along the way … I think it was because I didn’t put up with much BS. So, when I was arguing an invoice with a vendor, my co-worker slipped this note on my desk.

The same coworker that slipped me that note used to always say she was going to poke her eyes out — this was a common sentiment among several of us, especially when the insanity got out of control. So, we got this:

And the final one, is relevant in everyday life, so I may keep this one and refer to it even in my unemployment:

Now I move on to attempt great things.