I’m trying to break a habit. A bad habit. A habit that isn’t all that bad when just looked at by itself, but when looked at in its entirety may get me in a little bit of trouble. I have a habit of needing something sweet after a meal. Lunch and dinner are the worst. After a big(ger) meal, finding something with just a little sugar hits the spot.

It’s not like my “something sweet” is a thick slice of chocolate cake or even a candy bar (those would get me into a lot of trouble!). But I usually go for a small handful of peanut M&Ms at work (which conveniently are placed on my coworker’s desk right behind me—how she can sit there with a jar of peanut M&Ms right by her computer is beyond me! I’d be able to finish that off in one sitting!). I try to keep my trips to the M&M jar to once a day and usually am quite successful, but sometimes, sometimes, a second trip is just necessary. And, yes, I’ll admit it, one time I went back for a third trip – that was a rough day.

Considering I don’t keep sweets in my cupboards, my nighttime sweet was a bit hard to gratify. That is until I discovered a magical little combination … marshmallows and chocolate chips. Yes, random. And yes, my coworkers make fun of me because I have said that marshmallows are filling (hey, have 2 or 3 of those big marshmallows and they fill ya up! Well, they do me, I guess.) The sponginess of the marshmallow mixed with the richness of the chocolate chips is just, well, perfection!

While I love the marshmallows, I haven’t picked any up for a while, so my “something sweet” has just been plain chocolate chips, just a small handful, probably no more than 10 chips at a time. Semi-sweet chocolate chips from the freezer are perfect. Perfect little morsels of goodness. But I don’t just eat any brand of chocolate chips. Oh, no. It seems that I’ve become a bit of a chip snob. (Eating them plain will do that to ya.) My favorite chocolate chip brand is not the yellow bag (i.e. Nestle); no, I grab the orangish-gold bag with the name Guittard splashed across the front. Guittard SemiSweet Chocolate Chips are hands down the best chocolate chips out there. And if you’re thinking I’m picking up some high-falutin chocolate, oh no my friends. I stock up at my local drug store (Bartell’s) and have seen them in national grocery stores as well and are rarely more than $2.50 a bag.  To prove just how good these chips are, do a taste test and if you like the Nestle brand better, well then … just send me your Guittard leftovers! In my opinion, Guittard knocks the yellow socks off Nestle!

The problem with the Guittard Chocolate Chips being so great is that it’s tough to keep the “small handfuls” just that (small!) and to limit it to one handful! I keep them in the freezer as a mental game that I won’t eat as many, but really, who am I kidding? They taste great even frozen!

So there you have it. My little bad habit – no matter how stuffed I am, I can always find room for a little something sweet. Do you have an after-meal sweet that will help you fill in the cracks?