Sorry, I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately … maybe one of these days I’ll actually have the time (and motivation) to write something!

I’m not a political person, nor do I have much draw to become one, so this is not a political statement. But being a visual learner, this video was interesting to physically see (and hear) a little bit about the budget, and the budget cuts. For those of you who want to learn just a little bit more about the budget in a no frills (it uses pennies to represent actual money) and no fancy language to talk about some of the latest “budget cuts,” I think this video will provide a little insight.

Click the link below to see the video (it’s only about a minute and a half). Again, this is not a political statement–it’s not pro-Obama, anti-Obama, Republican or Democrat; it’s just putting things in a little bit of perspective.

Visualizing Obama’s Budget Cuts

Just thought it was interesting enough to share. Happy Thursday everyone!