Packing. Stuffing. Unpacking. Organizing. Cleaning. 

I hate moving. But I am excited about my move. I am renting a studio apartment in the Roosevelt/Ravenna area of Seattle. It’s a great location and will shave off a couple minutes from my commute as I’m right by the freeway now. (At my old place, it took me 15 minutes to get to the freeway). I need to find a new coffee shop to sit in that has free WiFi, but I’m not sure I’ll find any place quite as good as the place I’m sitting right now. Aster Coffee Lounge has become a friend. It’s the perfect atmosphere to just sit for a few hours and waste work on the computer. I’m satisfied this morning with a hot apple cider and a Apple Pecan Bran Muffin. Yum. Two blocks from my old apartment, this place was a mainstay in my Internet diet. 

But, alas, it’s time to move on. I’m sure I’ll find just as much charm in my new neighborhood. It’s hard to leave Ballard, which has been my home since moving to Seattle. With Besalu (the best pastries in Seattle), Buffalo Exchange (see here), La Carta de Oaxaca (their guacamole and salsa bar are worth the wait) and, of course, Aster, Ballard will not be far off my map. Oh, and of course, my aunt and uncle still live here, so I’ll be back often (even if it is to use their washer/dryer). 

But now, back to the move. This move was a bit of a surprise (there was some confusion with the move out date with our landlord), but it all worked out, by God’s provision. The apartment I am renting is the only one I looked at and I knew I wanted to live there. The space is just what I need and the price was right. I will post pictures when I get them. So while the timing wasn’t perfect (partly because I was originally scheduled to work five usher shifts this weekend), it all worked out and I did even get a chance or two to sleep in!

To give you an idea of my schedule, here’s a timeline: 


  • 8am: wait for girl to pick up my TV (she never shows; good ole Craigslist)
  • 8:15: Tracy arrives to help me move; walk to Besalu for sustenance  
  • 8:45: Begin packing up cars with smaller boxes
  • 9:30: Head over to new apartment 
  • 10:00: Cars are unpacked; made it in one trip
  • 10:00: Begin to unpack 
  • 11:00: Head back to old apartment for shower
  • 12 noon: Leave for ushering (double shift)
  • 4:30pm: Sneak in homework and a nap between shifts
  • 10:30pm: Leave ushering job; head to new apartment to unload clothes
  • 11:15pm: Leave for old apartment


  • Morning: Allow myself to sleep in
  • 10:45: Leave for church
  • 12:30: Pick up U-Haul
  • 1:00: Arrive home to meet Travis and Rebecca, who are helping me move; pack up U-Haul with furniture
  • 1:45: Head over to new apartment; meet up with Uncle Mike to help unpack U-Haul
  • 2:15: Everything made it!!; begin to dig out
  • 5:30: Leave for ushering
  • 10:30: Home!!! Sleepy time. 

I am hoping this apartment will be around for at least two years, so I don’t have to do this for a while! And next time I think I’m hiring movers. I think they may be worth the money.