I’ve been doing a lot of fretting lately. Work. Relationships. Finances. Future. Holidays. Well, frankly there seems to be a lot to fret about.

But then I opened my Bible.

Side note: About a year ago I started a plan to read the Bible in its entirety. The plan had me daily reading a section of the Old Testament, a psalm or two, and a section in the New Testament. I was rockin’ it until I got to Leviticus and well, Leviticus is a bit boring and frankly I lost interest. And well, I haven’t opened my Bible much for devotional time since then.

Well, this morning as I was lying in bed avoiding my alarm clock, I picked up my Bible and decided to get back into the Word. Something I’ve been meaning to do, but deemed my busy schedule and sleep more important. I wasn’t sure exactly where I had left off from my last attempt, but decided to start with Luke 1, so that had me reading Psalm 37 as well (and also some chapters in Exodus).

I’m not sure if you’ve read Psalm 37 recently, but “fret not” are the first words. (I’m in the English Standard Version.) It mentions those two words a few other times along with Trust in the Lord, Delight yourself in the Lord, Commit your way to the Lord, Be still before the Lord, Wait patiently for him, etc. Hmm… God, you saying something here?

All right God, you got your point across, put all my trust in you. Got it. Then I flipped to Luke 1, which contains the story of Gabriele telling Mary that she will carry God’s son in her womb. What does Mary say (after the shock has worn off, I’m sure), verse 38: Behold I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.

Let it be to me according to your Word. I love that. How do I respond to the situations I’m in? The situations that I know God is working in and molding and forming me through? Do I say, Let it be to me according to your Word? Yeah, no, I don’t.

I mean, granted, Gabriele isn’t going to appear to me and tell me that the Savior everyone has been waiting for will be living inside me, but why can’t I say that when I’m in a job situation that isn’t ideal? Or when I am surrounded by couples as the only single person? Or life just isn’t what I thought it was going to be? In those situations should I also be saying, “Let it be to me”? Yes. According to his Word, I am to trust, commit, delight, be still and wait for Him.

Let it be, Rachel. Let it be.