This weekend my dear friend, Elana, was in town. When I have visitors in town, I usually don’t plan too much and prefer to play it by ear. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but sometimes like this weekend it does. I’ll post more details in a future photos post, but for right now I’m going to talk about some new music I heard on Friday.  Looking for something to do on Friday night (again, because I was playing things by ear, I had nothing planned), I looked at what was going on at The Fremont Abbey*. It turns out that a local musician was having a concert. For $10 at the door, you got to see the show, the art associated with it as well as a free download of her album.

Tara Ward was the artist and the purpose of this concert was to release her “Revelations of a Blue Jacket” album. I’d actually never heard her before, but figured for 10 bucks it’d be worth checking out. And are we glad we did! The music was fantastic, the art in the space was amazing and it just felt so artsy.

While the majority of the album is good, Circles is particularly beautiful. She just happens to have a video of it that I can post here too for you to get a taste of her music.

Now on to the fun part! You can download the album for free, too! Follow this link ( and you’re all set! I do recommend it for some easy listening. To warn you though, track 8 “Sabatoge” does contain the F word.

*The Fremont Abbey Arts Center is a cool community non-profit that offers classes, music, arts and just a space. I hadn’t been to their renovated Great Hall but had seen pictures and it didn’t disappoint – it’s a beautiful space.