I’m mentally drained,
Emotionally drained,
Financially drained,
Spiritually drained.

If there are any other forms of “drained” out there, I’m sure it’s happened to me this week. Apparently it’s “let’s dump on Rachel” week. I’m not going to go into too many details here but the various events that have happened in my life these last few weeks, actually days, have forced me to take an inventory of certain areas in my life.  I am beginning to realize what’s important—what I’m willing to work on, and what’s not that important—what’s not worth putting too much energy into.

My relationships with friends, family and God are areas I want to strengthen. Especially my relationship with God – more of my time and focus needs to be here.

I’ve been spending time understanding (or trying to understand) my emotions. Events in my life have enabled me to hide my emotions, or at least stuff them down where no one, even myself, could find them. I know that while it’s going to be hard and it’s going to hurt to go through this process, it’ll make me a better woman because of it.

There are more that I won’t go into here (feel free to call or email if you want more details).

There’s nothing like hitting the point of utter exhaustion to make you realize where and how you’re spending your time and energy and to focus on the things that matter. Like sleep, for instance.