One thing I love about going to concerts is hearing why and how the songs were written. What transpired in order for the artist to put these words on the page? Their explanations usually bring new perspective to the lyrics and a great appreciation of the song.

I happened to see Brandon Heath in concert (along with Third Day) and he fast become one of my favorite artists. His inspiration for writing Red Sky made me love the song even more.

He drew the lyrics from the old adage:

Red sky by morning,
sailors take warning.
Red sky at night,
sailor’s delight.

Cover me in a red sky tonight, the promise of a better day to come.

Here’s praying for more nights of red skies.

I highly recommend adding Brandon Heath to your music library … he’s a great Christian artist that has songs that are piercing, relevant, and well… beautiful. Here’s an actual music video of another great song of his, Give Me Your Eyes.