I hate fruit flies.

I think they are the only thing that sucks about summer. The Seattle weather is finally perfect, the clouds have scattered and the sky is blue, the mountains are in their full glory, the crops are in full bloom, the grills are grilling and the fruit is juicy ripe and delicious. But then come the fruit flies. The nasty little buggers just won’t give up! And, they are sneaky! I think they can see your hands coming towards them because even though it seems like they should be squashed in your palm, after the clap you open up your hands and alas! foiled again! They have escaped!

Thanks to my aunt, I have found one little trick to get rid of them — apple cider vinegar and dishwashing soap. Mix a little bowlful of that solution, set it by your fruit and the flies are attracted like a moth to a flame. It doesn’t take care of all of them and you have a strange odor near your fruit (apple cider vinegar doesn’t really smell like apple cider, despite the name). But it takes care of ’em for a bit. 

For instance, I am currently sitting in a coffee/wine lounge and was sipping a glass of red wine. As I am sitting minding my own business, these fruit flies are swarming me! I don’t see anyone else swatting away the pests. I took a shower this morning, so I know it’s not me. Little did I know that red wine is a major attraction for fruit flies! As soon as I finished my glass, I set it on the table next to me. I just noticed no less than 15 (15!) of the tiny flies in and around my glass! Blah! So, maybe that’s another trick to get rid of them, set an empty glass that used to contain red wine on the counter and you’ll have a collection! I did check my glass every time I took a sip to make sure none had actually made it into the glass. I don’t think I swallowed any, but my doctor did say I needed to eat more fiber, so there you go. 

As much as I love the fruit of the summer, the fruit flies can go. For the most part the other perks of summer outweigh the fruit flies, but their annoyance is enough to put a little damper on the summer festivities.