As I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, I have a new found appreciation (dare I say love?) for cooking. With this love and a desire to keep my eye on my waist and wallet, I’ve decided to start a new blog called Recipes & Receipts ( Essentially the point of this blog will be to document the recipes I make along with how much it cost me to make it (usually divided out per serving)… I’ll compare the recipe with the receipt. I’m still tinkering around with the design of the blog and haven’t had as much time as I’d like to cook these days, so I think the beginning may be a little bumpy. But I wanted to share this with you and get the word out!

Bookmark it and share it with your friends and family, as I’d love for people to know about it! My first recipe is already up, so go ahead and check it out. Share your thoughts, reactions and recipes with me!  I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s my “About” page for a little bit more insight:

About Recipes and Receipts

We all try to watch our waistlines and our wallets as we try to feed ourselves and our families. So, I’m embarking on a new adventure: taking tally of what I’m eating and what I’m spending. We all know that cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, but there’s a myth that you need to sacrifice flavor for funds. I’m learning as I cook more and more at home, that not only can I eat really well, but my wallet doesn’t have to suffer.

My meals are always approachable and made with ingredients that can be found in any grocery store. I try to use fresh produce as often as possible and try to get quality ingredients that are healthy for me.

I don’t have a goal of keeping each serving price under $5 or anything, but just keeping tally of what everything costs. Some meals will be really cheap, while others will be more of a splurge.

RECIPES: the majority of my recipes these days come from too many several food blogs I stalk each day and the few cookbooks I have in my kitchen. Some recipes will be ones that I’m just trying out, others will be the good-ole stand-bys while others will be meals I grew up with (note to self: ask my mom for her lasagna recipe). I’ll provide the recipe, any images I took during the meal and preparation process, and the link to where I found the recipe. Then I will breakdown the cost of the recipe … a few of the ingredients will be approximations since I won’t be using all that I have to buy (for instance, when I buy a tub of gorgonzola, but only need ½ cup, I’ll just estimate how much it cost for that ½ cup). 

RECEIPTS: I am very grateful to have a pretty cheap grocery store by my work that I frequent about once a week, so that’s partly why my bills are pretty low. They have a great produce section, as well as bulk section, but also keep in mind that Seattle is one of the most expensive cities in the country to buy food (10% higher than the rest of the country), so it probably evens out to what you’d be able to buy. I’m a big sale shopper (although I’m not a coupon cutter), so I’ll let you know what I got on sale as well. When I can, I’ll give brands for the products I bought and I’ll let you know when I bought organic.

I’ll break down the costs of each ingredient, add it all together and divide by the number of servings I get out of the meal to get an overall servings cost. I will not include the cost of Oils, Salt and Pepper and several Spices. If they are a staple in the kitchen, it probably won’t be included in the costing (it’s kind of hard to cost what a “pinch of garlic salt” will come out to).