Happy Summer!! It’s finally starting to feel like Spring around here … jeez, it took long enough!! Hopefully Summer will follow suit shortly.

I know it’s been a while, but without having Internet at my apartment and being somewhat busy at work, I haven’t been able to get as many posts in as I’d hope. I’m also working on another project that I’ll update you on soon if I get it up and running.

But now to a bit of an update … mainly what I’m running, reading, watching, listening to and visiting.

Running: My running is going pretty well. I’m going slower than I’d like, but being scared of getting injured again, I’ve erring on the side of slow and steady versus fast and injured. The next couple weekends are going to be tough with my running schedule since I’ll be out of town this weekend and next and am supposed to run 9 and 10 miles, respectively. Not sure I’ll be able to do those on my own, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some runs in. My race is on June 27, so it’s creeping up!

Reading: My interests have been varied the last few weeks/months. The best novel I’ve read in a while is The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, which was absolutely fantastic. It’s dark and ominous, but really draws you in. I can tell I’m getting into a book when I put in my purse to read even when I know I probably won’t have a chance to pull it out. This was one of those books. I highly recommend it. Another one that was absolutely delightful is A Handmade Life by Molly Wizenberg. If you love food and good storytelling, add this to your list. She’s a local Seattle writer who writes Orangette.blogspot.com and also writes for Bon Appetit magazine. Now, I’m currently reading 1984 by George Orwell. I have faint memories that I read this in high school, but really don’t remember much beyond Big Brother. Another post will come shortly as to why I’m reading 1984 in the first place.

Watching: My TV watching has gone down to pretty much zero over the past year, since a) I’ve had plenty of books to read recently, b) I haven’t been home or c) no show has caught my attention long enough to follow it the whole season through. But I have been watching a few movies (I love the Seattle Public Library! They have such a great movie selection!) I recently rented Run Fat Boy Run, which was a cute movie about running and the motivation behind one guy’s running. Simon Pegg is adorable in it and I like seeing Hank Azaria in things here and there. I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire and really enjoyed that one as well.

Listening To: I’m going to eastern Washington this weekend, so I picked up a few Books on CD for the three-hour (without traffic) one-way trip. I didn’t have too much time to scour the library shelves, but was able to pick up Nicholas Sparks’ The Wedding (a book I’ve read years ago and remember liking) and Jennifer Wiener’s Little Earthquakes (she’s one of my favorite authors and I haven’t read this one yet). Music-wise I’m on a Third Day kick (see previous post), so I’ve had themin my head for the last few weeks. At work I have Pandora stations of MercyMe, Brandon Heath, Mandy Moore, Lady Antebellum, A Fine Frenzy and Brooke Fraser.

Visiting: Wow, have I been visiting a ton of sites lately. I’ve been obsessed with following a few food blogs that have caught my fancy; my favorites including: orangette.blogspot.com, fresh365.blogspot.com, simplyrecipes.com, apartmenttherapy.com, thekitchn.com plus many more! Yes, I have a problem, I understand this.

Those are the generic happenings in my life — if you’d like anything a little more personal, drop me a line!

Happy Memorial Day. Be safe!