With this posting entitled “Paper or Plastic,” you all may be thinking that I’m referring to grocery bags. Well, my friends, you are mistaken.

Today I want to let the world know about something much more dear … M&Ms. Yes, M&Ms. How, you may ask, does this refer to Paper or Plastic? I’m glad you asked.

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but if you were to buy a 1lb or bigger bag of M&Ms, your candy coated chocolate morsels would come in a plastic bag. If you get a regular on-the-go size package or smaller (including the “fun size” that is handed out at Halloween), your pieces would be delivered in a paper bag. You may still be wondering why I am bringing this up. Well, I consider it my duty as an M&M lover, to inform you that the M&Ms in the Paper bags are far superior to those in the Plastic bags. Is there a difference? An M&M is an M&M right? Oh, no, no, no.

I’m not sure why there is a taste difference … maybe it’s the fact that in the smaller bags, you savor the candy so much more because you can see the end in sight — you only have so many until the bag is empty, where as with the 1lb or larger bags, hopefully you won’t be eating the entire contents of that plastic bag in one sitting, therefore you don’t savor the chocolatey flavor quite so much.  Or maybe the plasticyness of the bags rubs off on the M&Ms.

Don’t get me wrong, the M&Ms in the plastic bags are fine, but it just so happens that the M&Ms in the paper bags just taste, well, better.

Do a taste test and let me know your preference. As to mine, give me the smaller bag anyday.