Last night I went to a Third Day concert. This is the second concert of theirs that I’ve been to and once again, not surprisingly, they were amazing. Mac Powell’s (the lead singer) voice blows me away almost every time I hear it, especially live. If you don’t have any of their CDs, I highly recommend them. Both Offerings CDs as well as their new Revelation CD are definitely worth your money.

As I was standing at the concert I noticed something that made me take pause and say “hmm, that’s really cool.” Having not been to very many concerts in my life, I am by no means an expert, but I know that at the majority, if not all, concerts—particularly secular concerts—you’ll see hands and arms raised up to the artist in celebration, joy and, may I dare say, worship. The hands are reaching for even the smallest glimmer of hope that the artist will catch a glimpse of them or, gasp!, touch the artist himself.

But as I stood at the concert last night, the hands were raised up for a different reason. They were raised up in worship, yes, but not of the artist, but raised in adoration of the Creator. The concert wasn’t as much of a concert as it was a worship service. We know that while Third Day is an amazing group, they are only a vehicle. They have amazing gifts that were given to them to worship, not worship of themselves, but something—Someone—bigger.  

Seeing 3,000 people with hands raised in worship is something you’ll see at any concert. But seeing 3,000 pairs of hands raised in prayer, adoration and worship of an amazing and awesome God is awesome indeed.