Out of laziness, boringness of my life and no time, I’m going back to the bullet format for this post. It’s kind of informal, but gets the job done on the update. It is kind of sad though that my life can be brought down to a list of bullet points.

What I’m running: I did 7 miles last Saturday and will be hitting the road for another 6 miles this Saturday. To finish out my weekly training, I’m also doing mid-week runs as well as speed training throughout the week. I’m working to get an exercise routine into my life that includes yoga, spinning and strength training. I’ve got the spinning (Mon, Wed 5:45am classes) and yoga (Tues, Thurs 5:45am classes) all set; I just need to find the time for the strength training (mainly for the core and the upper body).

What I’m reading: I have been totally ADD with any book I pick up lately. Nothing is really capturing my attention enough to actually finish it in a timely manner, so suggestions are readily accepted! But here’s what I’ve had my hand in these last few weeks:

Eat This!, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: Completely fascinating! It’s ironic that as I’m exploring more nutrition and food, I’m completely disgusted by the food industry! But, if you all remember, I work in the food industry. Hmm…

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy: another great book about nutrition and how food reacts in the body and what-not. Also a guide on what to eat and drink to be healthy.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: In order to grow at my current job, personal life and any jobs I may have in the future, I’m doing some personal development. Essentially, how to become a better coworker, friend, daughter/sister and ultimately leader in life.

What I’m listening to: I haven’t been listening to anything spectacular lately … just the usual stuff. I did pick up a new CD from the library that I’m liking. It’s New Found Glory’s Coming Home album. It’s more punk that I usually listen to, but after a gross day at work, blasting this is great! I’ve been in a bit of a music low, so recommendations are welcome!

What I’m visiting: Besides the normal friend and family blogs that are constantly being added to my list, I am always on the search for new sites to peek at during down time at work. Here are a few: 

Orangette: a lovely food blog by a local Seattle writer (I believe she lives in my neighborhood), she also writes for Bon Appetit magazine.

Things I Want to Punch in the Face: for all those with suppressed anger, this may give you some relief.  I have yet to come across an entry that I disagree with.

Not Always Right: I’ve mentioned this site before and I’ll mention it again. It’s my morning laugh. For anyone who has ever worked with people, you’ll understand.

I’m adding a new section to my bullet point updates. I’ve become really interested in nutrition, exercise and eating healthfully and intentionally. So, that means I cooking more! (My mom—and Aunt Lydia!—will be so proud!) I’m hoping to devote Sunday and Wednesday nights to the art of cooking. So far, I’ve been pretty successful, with only a few tweaks that need to be made in the future.  So this section may include supplement updates, diet updates as well as recipes.

What I’m eating:  I decided to meet with a nutritionist for a few reasons: 1. With my ½ marathon training and other exercise that I’m doing, I want to make sure I’m getting the nutrition necessary for my body, 2. I’ve had some stomach issues for a while and wanted to see if I could get those resolved, 3. I wanted an idea as to what I was lacking in both my diet and my supplements.

So from our first meeting I was “instructed” to take a pre-natal vitamin (no worries, Mom, they are good for women in general, not just ones with a bun in the oven!), vitamin D (I was tested for Vitamin D; a good range for this is 120-150 and I am at 58, so I have some work to do! Seattle’s Filtered Sunshine isn’t doing the trick!) and I’m also taking an Omega-3 & -6 tablet twice a day. Sometimes I feel like I’m 85 with the pills I take (it’s only 6 throughout the day, but still more than I was taking before!), but I have felt a difference in how I feel. I am more energetic and not as run down as before. So overall, I’ve seen the benefits.

I’m also trying to get as many nutrients from my food as possible by eating whole foods (no not buying at Whole Foods, but eat actual “whole foods”) and keeping the sweets down to a minimum. But my nutritionist did say if I wanted to I could eat a dark chocolate bar every once in a while. (Yes, dark chocolate is good for you!)

As for my cooking, so far I’ve been pretty successful. I’ve made Crunchy Pork Chops (a first for me! and I had to improvise on it a little bit too!) with a Roasted Sweet Potato, Panko Pecan Chicken Breasts, a Roasted Chicken (a whole chicken! Another first for me!) with Mashed Red Potatoes, Homemade Gravy and Salad. This week I’m eating the leftovers of the roasted chicken and am making a Chicken Sausage Lasagna tomorrow night. It’s been fun to actually menu plan and cook! I knew I liked cooking but never took the time to actually plan and make a meal. So, I’m limiting my “cereal for dinner” nights to once a week (usually Thursdays for whatever reason). 

Welp, that does it for me … and this post ended up being WAY longer than I originally thought it would! So, hopefully I didn’t bore you. I’ll try to update this a little bit more. It’s a little tough because I don’t have internet at my apartment anymore, so I’ve been trying to get to the library or a coffee shop for my internet use.