So, I’m forgoing “resolutions” and going with “intentions” for 2009. Instead of resolving to do something, I’m intending to do it, so if it doesn’t get done, it’s not a disappointment (because apparently intending isn’t as harsh as resolving). (Yeah, I know it’s kind of the “everyone wins” mentality, but whatever.) I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to get resolutions done in the past, so I don’t think calling them intentions will make me get them done, but oh well, I’m trying.

Now that you have that long-winded explanation, I’ll explain my first intention of ’09: decorate my room! Even though I’ve lived in my apartment for almost a year, my room isn’t much to look at. Well, I take that back, the furniture matches and I love my bed, but my walls are bland white with no decoration – so that’s what I’m doing.

Part of my problem is that I have a black bed frame with a bright red comforter, then throw pillows with red, yellow and blue flowers. Then my dresser, bookcase and rocking chair are white … so I didn’t really know what color to go with … more red and it’d be too red, black is depressing and I have enough white already. So I decided to start with the artwork.

My roommate found a print by an artist name, Nikki McClure. 


The moment I saw this print, I fell in love with it. I absolutely love it. It’s hanging in our dining room, which is perfect for the “Congregate” aspect of the piece. (If my roommate and I ever split ways, I’m going to try to pilfer it … or I guess I can just buy one for myself.) 

So, I looked up other stuff by this artist and found a site that has a six-pack of 14”x18” posters as well as some note cards by her. I’m not sure how she makes the art, but I think it’s something to do with an x-acto knife and black paper. Anyway, what she creates, in my eyes, is beautiful. It’s simple, profound and lovely. I got the full set at this Web site ( but here are the three I’m most likely going to put up in my room: 




These are perfect because they have the black and white, along with the red, blue and yellow accents of my comforter and pillows. And again, I think they’re lovely.

I’m really excited for them to come (according to my shipment tracking info, they have shipped and I should have them on Monday). I’ll put them in some matted Ikea frames and be good to go! I’m looking forward to having a space that I’m proud of and that expresses a little bit of who I am.

Once I have it all set up, I’ll have to take a few pictures and post them! (Another intention for ’09 is to get a new camera, so maybe I’ll have that crossed off the list by the time I have it all set up too!)