I’m not a political person. I haven’t boasted my stances on this blog, nor at work, nor even really with friends. I wholeheartedly believe that politics and your opinions about them should be discussed among people with whom you know where they stand and know what they believe. As opposed to some of my co-workers, I don’t believe work is where politics should be discussed — when you don’t know a person’s beliefs, stances and morals on every issue, you don’t know how comments affect them. There’s nothing wrong with debate, there’s just a time and a place. (Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.)

But regardless of all that, I love the democratic system, I believe it is what makes America a great country. But, this election I’m having Voter’s Remorse. I’m not going to say who I voted for, but I’m wavering. I haven’t even turned in my ballot yet (instead of mailing it in I’m going to drop my absentee ballot off at the polls, so I get somewhat of a voting experience. And I’m hoping I can get an “I Voted” sticker). But, I signed, licked and sealed my ballot, so there’s no turning back. 

The way I see it though is that honestly, by being a resident of Washington State my vote doesn’t really matter — I know everyone says EVERY VOTE COUNTS and I do believe in some cases and situations it does, especially in the local votes — but honestly, Washington’s 11 electoral votes have favored the democratic party the last four elections. So whether I voted for Obama or McCain — Washington is going to vote Obama. (For those that need a refresher in Social Studies, here’s a description of the Electoral College on the BBC’s Web site, in other words, it’s in layman’s terms for the foreigners — and Americans — who have no idea what an Electoral College is or how it works.)

But even despite the fact that Washington tends toward blue and shows no signs of changing, I’m still having voter’s remorse — did I vote for the right person? Should I have gone right or should I have gone left? Blue or Red? Donkey or Elephant? 

I am only having this remorse about the Presidential race. The other races I feel fine with — the races that will ultimately affect me … the Charter Amendments, the Initiatives, the Governor … but the Presidential race, the race from which I personally may not even really feel the effects of, is totally stressing me out. 

I really just need to get over it. Accept the oval I filled in and forget the cognitive dissonance of my vote. I showed my support of the system, and for that I should be proud.  But if anyone asks me who I voted for, I’m just going to say “I Voted for America!” 

Okay, seriously, do you really think I would say a cheesy line like that? Umm, no. But I will pick up my “I Voted” sticker and will wear it proudly and say, “I Voted” and leave it at that.