Sorry for the lack of updates these days. I honestly haven’t been at the computer all that much in general outside of work (and I don’t think work would appreciate me updating my blog on work time). 

Thanks for sticking by me though! Please know that I’ll get to it eventually. Also, sorry for all the design changes — I’m very indecisive and anal about the design on here and unfortunately I don’t have enough time to work on improving the ones they provide, so I am stuck with going with a template — which means since I can’t make it my own, I get sick of it real quick. If you don’t like a design (Anna), feel free to tell me and I’ll see what else I can find!

Alright — now for a brief update (bullet points are coming out again):
(Sorry I’m too lazy/tired tonight to insert the links, so if you want to know more about something, just ask.) 

Work: What can I say about work? I’m not really sure right now, so I’ll leave it at that. Ushering: still doing it — the busy season is upon us (Christmas), so I’m sure it’ll be taking up a little more of my time.

School: I love my professor. She’s really laid back, fosters discussion and is willing to postpone the lesson if a discussion is going. I’m not completely sure if I’m going to complete the entire Marketing Management program yet. I’m liking this class, but not sure if I want to stick with a year of the program (especially as the money can be spent in other places). 

Church: Am actually going to two right now and am actually enjoying it! The preaching is strong in both and I’m really enjoying that. Will be going to my old church this Sunday to witness a friend’s baby be baptized, so I’ll be counting how many times I have to explain where I’ve been for the last four months.

Outside Work, School, Church: Just keeping in touch with friends. Anna’s still in town, so enjoying as much time with her as possible. Running is not as big a part of my life as it was this summer. I was injured most of August and all of September, so I’m slowly starting to get back into it. I’m deciding on some races I want to shoot for, but nothing’s been decided. I get custom orthodic inserts for my running shoes next week, so I’m really hoping/wishing/praying/pleading that these will solve my problems, but only time will tell. 

Per my usual, here’s a list of what I’m reading, listening to, watching and visiting:

Reading: I’m going to start “The Secret Life of Bees” soon; Runner’s World is on the list; “48 Days to the Work You Love” — I’ve had this book for about a month and I think I’m only on day three. This might turn into “184 Days Until the Work You Love”; I get The Wall Street Journal delivered to my apartment every morning (part of a school thing), so I’m usually skimming those headlines during my commute.

Listening To: Jadon Lavik “Roots Run Deep” — if you grew up singing hymns, this is a great CD for you!; and if you read my previous post, yes, I’ve been listening to some Christmas music — I’m really pushing myself to keep it to a minimum though.

Watching: The Biggest Loser — really don’t watch a lot of TV and even this show I have to catch the rerun on Sunday afternoons. Anna and I watched P.S. I Love You the other day. Both of us had read the book, so we weren’t too impressed, but people who haven’t read the book seem to enjoy it. 

Visiting: is still a daily in my world; Seattle Public Library — constantly putting CDs, movies, books on hold.

That’s it in my life. 

Now, your turn. Feel free to email or comment in the comment box!