Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve updated — I think mainly, I just can’t believe August is over! What a busy month it’s been! Here are some insights as to what has been happening in my life (I’m employing the bullet point method again):

Family: My mom was just out here, which was great. She and Anna drove up from San Diego because Anna lives here now! (YAY!) She took a final traveling position at a local hospital and will be here until the end of November. We’ve hung out a lot the last week, and have to keep reminding each other that we don’t have to cram things in right away — she’ll be here for three months! It was great having my mom here too; she ended up staying a week, so she was able to see where I live and see the church I’ve been going to. It was great to have immediate family here!

Work: work is still work — busy as usual. I’m liking my position for the most part. I have projects I need to get done before the end of the year … and the end of the year is coming up quick!! Am loosely keeping my ears open if something else comes up (isn’t everyone?), but I’m not seriously looking by any means. 

Running: ah, running. I’ve taken a break from running for an undetermined amount of time. I have been diagnosed with Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which means that one of my muscles that connects from my knee to my hip seizes up and causes much pain. I have my first of four physical therapy appointments on Tuesday. I’ve been prescribed an anti-inflammatory, physical therapy and biking, swimming, elliptical … anything but running. Of course I have taken this week to be completely lazy, so today is when I get back into gear. I never thought I’d say this, but I really miss running! I was finally getting in a groove, finding my pace and improving. This is a step back, but hopefully I’ll be back on the road soon. Three months to the marathon!!

Church: word is getting around my old church that I’m no longer attending it, so I’m getting a few questions asked of me, which I’m fine with, but it is kind of hard to explain why I left. But I’m really liking my new church and I’m hoping to get more involved in it — or at least meet a few more people! I’m really bummed actually because they have community groups that meet around the city. I looked up the times of when they are held and the majority of them are on Tuesday nights, which of course, is the night I have class. I was really hoping to get involved in that, but hopefully I’ll be able to find way to meet people.

School: as mentioned above, I have class on Tuesday nights — well, I will have class on Tuesdays, we start September 30. I was accepted (and am officially registered) to the University of Washington’s Marketing Management certificate program. I’m really excited about it … it’ll be nice to be in school again and have something to work on. 

Ushering: I’m going to usher again for the Seattle Symphony this season. It’s going to be a really busy fall (working full time, ushering part-time, training for a marathon, going to school part-time, having some semblance of a social life), but I think/hope I’m up for it! 

Well, I think that does it for my life — hopefully I’ll have time to write something other than updates one of these days. 

As becoming my tradition, here’s a list of what I’m reading, listening to, watching and visiting:

Reading: I got the English Standard Version Journaling Bible — I love the layout and the fact that there’s lines to write in the margins. I’ve also got my hand in: The Shack by William P. Young, Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson; Real Simple magazine and Runner’s World magazine. 

Listening to: I have two faves at the time: NEEDTOBREATHE and Brooke Fraser. They are both Christian artists, but have the folky/independent vibe going on. Here are my favorite songs of theirs: 

NEEDTOBREATHE: Washed by the Water

Brooke Fraser: Shadowfeet

Watching: my life is all about Veronica Mars at the moment. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this show before, but it’s great. Unfortunately, it’s no longer on the air (dang you, WB!), but it’s available on DVD. If you want to get hooked on a show; one that you can’t turn off because it’s so addicting, Veronica Mars is the show for you! (Just ask Anna, she’s watched quite a few episodes since I’ve lent her Season One two days ago.)

Websites: I’m always going to recommend (I visit it daily and daily I realize that my job really isn’t all that bad compared what these people have to deal with!); is a goody too. 

Alright, well, that’s my life these days. Time to sign off, open the blinds and see what kind of day Seattle is going to offer us.