Work: Going well, busy. I have tomorrow off (yay!), so I had a lot to get done today. Why is it that when you have a day off, so many projects are due or every one needs something?? Oh well, people have my cell phone if they need me. 

Church: I’ve actually been going to a new church lately and I really have been enjoying it. The preaching is solid and the people are really friendly. I actually have a random connection to this church–a guy that I went to junior high with goes there! Him and his wife have been really great in introducing me to some people and I’m really excited to meet more people and maybe get more involved. The church, for those inquiring minds is, Crosspoint Church in Greenlake (about four miles from my apartment). 

Running: I ran 6.5 miles last Saturday and am running 9 miles this Saturday (well, that’s what’s planned at least!) Some days I love running and some days I hate it (and believe the days I hate it, I REALLY hate it). But I’m slowly seeing improvement. 136 days until my marathon! I got a new pair of shoes, which I’m excited about (it’s the small pleasures). I was having knee pain, which for me is a sure indicator that my shoes are are wearing out and sure enough the good folks at Super Jock ‘n Jill said “Yep, these shoes are dead.” Alright then, new pair it is! Now I just have to dirty them up a little bit!

Running Music: Some people have asked me what I listen to when I run and it’s actually really embarrassing. Sure, I can listen to This American Life podcasts, Lady Antebellum makes it in too but the album that actually keeps me running … I realize I’m opening myself up so some criticism on this one … the … High School Musical 2 soundtrack!! They are catchy, super cheesy and over dramatized to keep the attention of the pre-teen mind, but for some reason, it keeps my attention enough to distract me. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense but I need to listen to something that doesn’t make me think but let’s my mind wander and High School Musical 2 does that for me. 

Music: Now, when I’m not running, I don’t listen to High School Musical 2. I’m lucky to have a great Christian radio station in Seattle, so that’s mainly what I’ve been listening to. On the ride to and from work, I listen to Books on CD mostly. The Chronicles of Narnia is great — I got up to Prince Caspian before I had to return it so I put it on hold again so hopefully I’ll get it back soon so I can finish up the series. One of my favorite songs right now is “I’m Not Alone” by Meredith Andrews (video is below) — it’s an absolutely beautiful song. Another favorite of the moment is country group Lady Antebellum

Movies: Okay, so I just watched a great movie — Sweet Land. I picked it up at the library having never heard of it and it turned out to be really, really sweet. I recommend it. 

Books: I’m currently ready “Good in Bed” … okay, I know it sounds dirty, but it’s not! I promise. It’s by Jennifer Weiner who wrote “In Her Shoes” (one of my favorite books and movies). Books on my list are: The Shack, Chasing Harry Winston and Chop Shop. 

Web Sites: My favorite Web site of the moment is — it’s a place where people in the customer service field can post stories about how the customer is “not always right.” They are hysterical. I’ve come into the habit of checking it right when I get into work and realize that my day could be a lot worse! Here’s a sample:

Vague Question Meet Vague Answer


Me: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “I’m looking for non-fiction.”

Me: “What kind?”

Customer: “Just non-fiction.”

Me: “Okay…do you want history? Or science? Psychology?

Customer: “No, just NON-FICTION!”

Me: “Ma’am, most of the store is non-fiction. You’ll have to be more specific.”

Customer: “Don’t you get it? I just want some non-fiction!”

Me: “All right. Do you see over there, where it says ‘Fiction?’”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “All the books but those. Good luck.”

TV: TV is actually last on my list these days. If I do sit down I usually have the country music video station on (this is a guilty pleasure of mine, weird I know) or I have it on the gospel music video station (yes, one of those exists! Gotta love DirectTV!) I think it’s funny that I have 300 channels and I end up watching the country and gospel music channels the most. A testament to the crap that’s on TV these days!

Well that about does it for me. Sorry for the delay in the postings but I haven’t had too much of a life lately — mainly running, eating, working and sleeping (not necessarily in that order–believe me, running does not take number one priority in my life!). 

Alright, I have to go. I had a tuna sandwich for dinner last night and went straight to bed, now the can in the sink is starting to smell … ack! So in other words, the dishes are calling my name!