Hello! I know it’s been a while. And while I’ve been busy, there’s not a whole lot to report. The biggest thing in the past weeks is that Anna was here to visit! We had a great time visiting the “Seattle” Outlet Malls (Seattle is in quotes because this mall is actually about thirty miles north of Seattle), exploring downtown and Pike Place Market, going to Snoqualmie Pass and seeing aunts and uncles at the Family Pancake House (yum, yum!), going to the Seattle Symphony, went to church, Voula’s Offshore Café for brunch (featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) and then cruised Ballard for a little bit. Overall it was a great trip and made me wish I lived closer to my siblings.

Besides that, things have just been plugging along. Winter is hanging on for dear life. We’ve had pouring rain, fifty degree weather and dark clouds for the majority of the past two weeks. I haven’t minded it, since a) I’m inside most of the day at work, b) if I do happen to be home, I can either run (running in the rain is one of my favorite things) or sleep (sleeping in general is one of my favorite things), and c) I still love the rain. After about six months now of pretty crappy weather, I still love it. I could stare out a window for ages when it’s raining. 

Something that will be taking up a lot of my schedule this summer and fall is training for the Seattle Marathon. I joined a training program called SeattleFit and we had our first session Saturday morning. I signed away all of my sleeping in opportunities this summer — the program starts at 7:30am (my alarm is set to go off every Saturday morning at 6:45 … ugh). My experiences throughout this program are destined to make it into this blog, so I’m sure you’ll hear about it. This may become a bit of a training journal, whether you like it or not. 

That’s about it in my life these days. Sorry, nothing too exciting, but here is an update of what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to …

I Was Told There’d Be Cake, Essays by Sloane Crosley. I love this girl’s sense of humor and her writing is the type I like to write. Think I’ll have to buy this one. 

How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle Amy Reynaldo. I’m determined to conquer!

Music/Books on CD:
Continuum: John Mayer. I just can’t get enough of “Waiting on the World to Change.”

Carnival Ride: Carrie Underwood.

The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas. This is 43 hours on 35 discs! And it needs to be returned to the library by the end of the month … so, you know what I’ll be doing for two hours a day! Such a good story though, so I don’t think it will be a problem. 

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Just continuing my crush on Shia LaBeouf. If you like the word f***, you’ll like this movie. Wow. I should count how many times that word is said in this movie! I think it would give “Good Will Hunting” a run for its money. It was an interesting, but I think a good movie. I just watched it tonight, so I’m still digesting. 

I’m waiting for the summer season of My Boys to start. For some reason, I really like this show. It’s pretty funny. And I try not to notice that they try to pull off their sound stage as Chicago.

Well, that’ll do it for me. If you want to see pictures of Anna’s trip up here, well you’ll have to talk to her about it because I haven’t seen them yet! She bought a new fancy, shmancy camera and doesn’t even share the pictures. Guess that teaches me to bring my own camera along. 

Alright, officially signing off to go to bed. Have a dentist appointment tomorrow where I’m having a filling replace–these dang silver fillings keep cracking! It’s okay though, my dentist cracks me up (which is difficult when he has two hands in my mouth!). ]