I am horrible at taking pictures … I love taking them, but always forget my camera or if I do remember it, then I forget to take the images off my camera and end up doing nothing with them. 

So here I relied on my friend Kate to take the pictures:
(click to enlarge) 

These few are from a Mariners game Kate, my roommate Leslie and I went to …

Trying to take a picture on a bike taxi

Trying to take a picture while riding a bike taxi on a brick road … didn’t work out too well.

This one’s much better … me, Kate, Leslie at Safeco Field before the Mariners’ game.

These following pictures are from my weekend in the mountains a few weeks back with my friends Rebecca and Kate.

Not sure what mountain this is, but it sure was pretty!

The waterfall we hiked to.

Relishing in the wonder of it all.

Not bad for setting the timer and Kate running over the rocks to get into place!

Just chillaxin’ on a log.

What a beautiful part of the country I live in, huh?

I’ll try to post pictures more often … I’ll just have to dig out my camera, dust it off a bit and start snapping!