Eggs are weird. If you really think about them, they are weird. Especially when you think what they may have become … and you’re eating it. Now how they determine which eggs are “fertile” and which eggs are “not” is beyond me, and for another conversation. I just wanted to point out that eggs are weird. 

Now, the fact that eggs are weird is sort of beside the point. But nevertheless, I decided to have an egg tonight. Why did I have an egg? Well, they are an excellent source of protein, and that’s what you need after you work out, so I had an egg. Now, I am a pro at making scrambled eggs (really, who isn’t a pro?… they are easy enough to make). Even making omelets, I can handle that. Sure they sometimes come out a little whompy or end up being scrambled eggs after I botched the turn, but I can usually make a decent omelet. But I found out tonight that I am a complete novice when it comes to frying eggs. 

As I pulled out the egg and the bowl to scramble said egg, I decided, no, I’ll fry my egg tonight. Sounds easy enough. Well, little did I know the decisions you have to make when you fry an egg. Do I want it sunny-side-up (does that mean I have to flip it?); over-easy (do I even know what over-easy means?); and do I want to break the yoke (and if I break the yoke, do I want it runny or not?). So many questions. Too many decisions to be made at 12:30 in the morning after you’ve worked out for an hour. 

After I crack the egg and watch the clear liquid surround the bright sun of the yoke, I stared. What do I do now? Did I heat the pan enough? Should I have put oil or butter on it? Am I supposed to flip it? Do I just wait and see what happens? I watched the clear liquid slowly, gradually turn opaque, then to a bright white. I stared. I decided I was going to break the yoke, but when do I make this grand gesture? Do I break it right before it’s done, or do I do it now? Is there a wrong time to do this? 

I took the leap, broke the yoke, flipped it, waited another thirty seconds then plopped it on my plate. Put a dash of salt and pepper on it and called it good. I scarfed it down in about three seconds and headed to take my shower. All that thought, all those questions and it was over in a flash. Like so many things in our lives, we spend minutes, hours, days, months, years to take one step and then we’re on to the next step. The next adventure. The next decision.